Something I like to call Gravity Skating. It's basically like riding on a snowboard that floats on the ground, accelerates with mind control and when you jump there is limited gravity so you can jump amazingly high and slowly and when you land there is no shock. You can jump between scy crapers and even down them
I had the exact same phenomena a long time ago in a non lucid dream. I was sliding on a snowboard in town. I would jump and keep skidding along. You should write more about this phenomena because it sounds interesting enough to learn this mind tool.
Hello People. I thought about having 360degree vision and doing 360 spin snowboarding while skidding around in town on a snowboard. It would help to play tony hawk games or snowboarding games and really get that game in your mind. So you will know how to program you snow deck by the motion game as described once in a lucid dream. You will really get the feel of it and have one heck of a lucid good time