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      My return to lucid dreaming!!!

      Hi all, I used to come around here a lot several months ago and back then I was just getting my lucid dreaming powers to really step themselves up....and then I went and started smoking weed again and ruined my recall and my motivation to LD (if you smoke daily and have tons of LDs, you're awesome and lucky, I simply can't do it). Yesterday was Day 1 of no weed, nice sober sleep, but unfortunately I only remember 2 tiny fragments of the dreams. Can't wait to get back in the game. LDing is actually great motivation to quit smoking weed too, because it allows you a far superior escape from reality than weed ever could!

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      I'm not very good with giving help to drug addicts, because of that fact I don't really know how other than to say "Ugh, stop?". But I can say that Dream Recall is just a matter of patience, just keep building up on that, you'll soon get good at it, it's an automatic thing. And about the weed, ugh, stop?

      Also - I remember you, welcome back.

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