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    Thread: Slow motion.

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      Slow motion.

      So I was dreaming lastnight that I was in a high school. An ex boyfriend of mine (dated after high school) showed up. A guy before all this took me where Tommy(bf) was waiting.. I was holding something trying to protect it, what it was I can't remember but he was just standing there and I started throwing punches and tried kicking him well.. where men usually don't like it.. but every movement was slow and I really felt a restraint nor could I seem to get close enough to hit him. Then I ran off got into my car, and the dream went on.

      Has anyone every encountered this before?
      What was your situation?

      I appreciate all your feed back thanks!

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      There was a thread asking the exact same question a couple months ago. I think almost everybody encounters this unless they tried to overcome it like someone said in the reply to the last thread.

      I can't remember who it was, but they said not to think of "throwing" punches, but rather, imagine your arms leaving your side or in their poised position, then don't think of them travelling through the air, just make them immediately connect with your target, like some kind of dragonball z style stuff

      I found this effective Try it

      Hope it works =]
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      In my experience whenever in a dream I really want to do something (like hit someone) and I try really hard to do it I will actually try so hard that I start using my physical body and because it isn't moving neither does my dream body. This usially causes me to wake up and I realize I just forced myself out of the dream.
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