I haven't come across anything about lucid dreaming in my readings of Jung before. But, I was wondering if he ever mentioned it in any of his writings. Also I had a few empirical questions for Jungians who have gotten pretty adept at lucid dreaming.

Firstly are LDs similar in terms of say: content, experience, use, or induction to Jung's method of active imagination. And secondly have any of you had the experience of communicating with collective unconscious archetypes in lucid dreams. These two questions are somewhat related, as the latter is one of the more useful functions of the former. Jung writes about a man who had a reacourring dream, I forget how it went, but suffice it to say it had to do with an anima complex. The man was able to bring resolution to the dream by confronting the anima and asking her questions. Jung himself was said to be able to channel the voice of his anima into his day to day thoughts unconsciously.

Those two questions get to the heart of my interests, so if anyone has had any relavent experiences then lets chat.