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      Well heres my story, resparked flame due to last nights dream. Kinda searching for validity

      Well as far back as I can remeber I have been able to lucid dream. Most of them, if not all, were dream activated. These were not daily occurences though, it was something that would happen a few times a year for awhile now. I'm 18 now and I have couple times in my past looked into lucid dreaming. On how to initiate it, make them more vivid, and last longer. Nothing really suck to me because I don't know why. I felt like I wasn't able to experience things as great as other people, and just felt lucky to be able to go lucid couple times a year.

      I enjoyed going lucid greatly, mostly because my favorite non lucid dreams were flying dreams. To be able to fly and be lucid is just wonderful. When I become lucid, first thing I usually do before any logic tests (which I just heard of today) I jump straight out and up flying as fast, far, and high as possible. However, most of my lucid dreams, as good as they were, were not that vivid, and definatly didnt last that long. Most of my lucid dreams consisted of vaugish dream like controllable dreams that only lasted a few minutes with me trying to get as much done as possible.

      Now last night, I had the most incredible dream of my life. I went lucid in my dream, and proceeded to run out of my house and into a car that was infront of my house (this part was very very vauge and blurry). When I was in the car I didn't start it up or whatever, as it was very vauge, instead like flying I just flew up and away with the car into the sky! Now this I thought was going to be just another regular lucid dream. However, what happend next, absolutley blew my fucking mind. I entered a dream state, or dream world, or different reality, however you want to call it, that was so intense I was having crazy mixed emotions of fear and joy. This place was so incredible it will be hard for me to explain it.

      As I was super flying in my car in space or black air. I suddenly warped into this different world. I was driving my car now in a slower place, looking around amazed at my surroundings. Unlike the earlier part the of the dream, and my ealier in life lucid dreams, all the colors were so... vivid... and real! It was not like I was somewhere on earth, like a pheasable place. All the walls and the ground were amazing vibrant colors like blue and red and green and yellow. I also remeber people just walking around. It was so real and the colored were so out there it blew my mind. It was like a city of colors. I felt like I was in a different planet. Unfortunatly my memory is hazing of this dream, and it feels like it didn't last very long but I could be wrong. But just to have that experience and feeling... it was worth it.

      Now this brings me back to my research again. I will study as much as possible, try my best, eat all the vitamin b6 my brain can handle... anything to even have the slightest chance to have an experience like that again. I'm not forcing it or really want it. I just feel like its going to happen again, and I just need to allign the planets with practice of inducing dreams, and eating some dream foods. I mean I dont want it too bad since things come to those who want it the least. But yeah thats my story and how I brought myself here at this moment. Its night time and I'm not totally prepared. However, I belive I will have another dream. I just dont think it will be as intense or lucid as the last. I can only belive though. Any comments, suggestions, or critizisms are more than welcomed.

      Thank you if you care.

      p.s. sorry for my spelling mistakes.

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      Welcome to the Dream Views forums, rebbit

      Nice to hear about your vivid dream. If you dont mind the extra "work", I'd suggest you try doing reality checks. Takes about twenty per day to really work and a few weeks for them to start working, but I was able to achieve two lucids per week just with RCs and keeping a journal. They're not that effective compared to some other techniques, but you can't go wrong with them either. Just make sure to make one of your tests is the nose-pinch test.
      The B6 should help make your dreams more vivid, but some people who were taking 200 mg per day (the maximum "safe" amount) also reported that it can make dreams more "dark". Not in a literal sense and I'm not sure how they meant that, just thought you might want to know about it.


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