Hey everyone.

Ive been on a role lately, having about 3 long lucid dreams per week. They usually consist of me flying, using telekineses, controlling DCs minds, and pretty much just showing off my godly powers.

The thing is, when im awake and im thinking about what i want to do when im lucid, i really want to relax in my dreams and take it all in. I want to use all my senses, i want to just go with the flow. Id like to get on my knees and really focus on the fact that im dreaming, instead of hopping in the air and flying away or something. Im fully lucid in my dreams, and i have control, but i cant remember my goals.

I just want to feel textures, taste food, talk to DCs. The flying and magic will always be fun, but it will always be there for me. I want to enjoy the dreams as much as i can, and i think if i can remember to calm down and use all my senses, ill do just that.

any tips on remembering to relax and really explore this universe in my head?