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      Is this Hypnagogic Imagery?

      Hi people...I'm a wilder...But when i wild [i wild when i'm too tired, and enter in SP in seconds, and in a LD in like 3 minutes, so i never put attention on HI, and i don't know if i had it someday] in normal days, like yesterday, i was trying to wild...

      I haven't feel the SP...But there was an time that i saw my home, but so dark...Like i could see with my eyelids closed...

      I don't know if this is Hypnagogic Imagery...Can someone help me?

      Here are an image that's like i was seeing with closed eyes [great purples balls with images inside running at my eyelids, sometimes i was focusing on it thinking about it]:

      I'm here waiting for some tips to induce this to SP...
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      It sounds like HI to me...just random images, shapes, and colors. Also, SP basically just happens when you're laying still, eyes closed, letting your body go to sleep, but keeping your consciousness awake...If you're WILDing already pretty well, I wouldn't worry about feeling. It'll happen.
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