I just installed mine. It's from Dragon Naturally Speaking. I have been recording my dreams and now I will use this App to get a written transcription. And guess what? It's free!

There is info on the Nuance website about how to use it - Basically you record into a text box on your Iphone and then you can edit and load it to e-mail.

You can get it from Itunes, or try getting it from the App Store in the iPhone itself.
1. Click the App Store icon on the iPhone (it's blue with a white circle with an "A" inside it)
2. On the bottom of the App Store screen click the Search button (magnifying glass icon)
3. When the search box comes up at the top of the screen touch it (you might have to do this more than once) to bring up the keyboard
4. Type "dragon"
5. A list of stuff with the word "dragon" in it comes up (if it doesn't just click the Search button at the lower right on the keyboard)
6. Select "dragon dictation"
7. When the item comes up (with the green Dragon icon) click on the FREE button on the right
8. A screen with info comes up. To get the app, click on the INSTALL button upper right. This should lead to a screen asking for your iTunes user name and password.
9. The app will install and be ready to use pretty quickly. When setting it up it will ask if you want to load your contacts (just their names) into the Nuance server. Click YES if you want Dragon to learn their spelling.

Happy dreams,