Welcome to the new Homework Help forum

The purpose of this forum is for students to find help on those troublesome homework issues that they can't seem to overcome on their own. Many of our members are extremely knowledgeable in a wide range of topics and would be more than happy to lend a hand and help you understand something that you just aren't getting on your own (and maybe your teachers aren't too much help either).

The Rules of this forum are the same as the over all dreamviews rules, however there are a few guidelines that we would ask you to follow.

Please keep thread topics limited to specific homework issues. This will keep this forum tidy for anyone who is looking to help on subjects that they are familiar with.

Avoid asking for specific answers to homework problems. If you make a thread asking someone else to essentially answer your homework questions for you without wanting to learn for yourself, you will be much less likely to get any answers.

Avoid off-topic discussion within homework help threads. This will make it easier for the original poster of the question to find the answers that they are looking for.

Do not give answers that you know are not true. This would count as trolling and so would already be against the forum rules but it stands to be said. If you do not know the answers to questions that people have in this forum, its best to just leave it to others who may be more knowledgeable.

Other than that, just be respectful and honest, and hopefully we will all be able to help each other out.