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      Lightbulb Lobbying

      As humbly requested, the technique I use to relocate my worlds in dreams. Note however this is just to find existing ones, not to 'generally' dream or lucid.

      This technique is one that has adapted over the years, it began with memory recall using symbols. The most common was the 'A'. You may have seen this at some point in your life: http://i.imgur.com/EqQ4Y9Z.png
      It is a common symbol, and has a humble meaning, simply symbolizing Awareness and Awake-ness. I have known several people whom implement this symbol into their memory recall techniques, and it seems simple enough for the mind to recall again and again, even accidentally.
      In early days, this symbol was placed everywhere, through technological devices to sticky notes around the home building. It was utmost to scar the symbol into the memory, and ensure Reality was tested upon viewing it every time. Thousands, perhaps millions of tests later, and the symbol would begin to bleed into Dreamspace, and induce lucidity.

      The second step is where my personal twist implements itself. Living up to its name, after attaining lucidity, one must manipulate the dream to an empty space. Black works best but you are welcome to make it white or pink. This is something I call Lobbying; where one enters a neutral hall in Dreamspace. Making a Lobby can be as simple as clearing your mind, closing your eyes in the dream, and believing yourself to be absolutely no-where. Just be sure you really believe the next time you open your eyes, you shall be no-where...
      This is how I got to my Lobby, essentially a world in itself, though a small one. I constructed a basic ground, also black, so I would have a three-dimensional space of sorts. I did not make the ground a particular texture, to help myself access it (the more basic a world is the easier it is to find). You may think these Lobbies sound awfully dull, but here comes the part which makes this a valuable place.
      Lined up, along the floor, are gateways. It sounds unbelievable, but they are easy to create. All you must do is imagine a shape in front of you, and fill it with images of your world. Keep the shapes different and memorable, at first maybe starting with a square or circle, and later, when you have more worlds, a hexagon, or half-pentagon. The shape shall retain the images you place for you, and upon reentering the Lobby the shapes shall be remembered subconsciously as well as consciously, if you have room to spare.

      It is worth noting you can also create entirely new worlds from here, simply by creating a different shape and imagining either a void to build in, or something to start out with (say for example a field of wheat), from there you can enter it and build, and when you next enter the Lobby, what you constructed is typically bled into the image you started out with, therefore 'saving'.
      How one gets through these gateways is very genius. Unfortunately it is something else to learn... I call it Jumping, but it is more aptly known as Teleportation. See, if you close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere, you can leap to it. It is infamously difficult however, and I have always found 'seeing' where I need to be is far easier. Hence the shapes and the images placed into them, almost like a portal, but not one you use to step through, one you use to look at. Just as one looks at a painting.

      Accepted, Lobbying sounds complex, but is really quite simple. And it is simplicity that works. You cannot go to sleep trying to get somewhere, it must be automatic somehow, and this is the only problem, so far. That is to say, there is no easy way.
      I told you about the symbol one. But that is bothersome to maintain, and kept haunting my dreams even after Lobbying. So for years I explored better methods of accessing the Lobby, and I think I have finally found one that works.
      Putting on some ambient music I particular favor, I began associating it with the Lobby increasingly. Hours a day I listened to it on repeat and kept convincing myself "this is the sound of the Lobby"; almost in a meditative state. And when I finally went to sleep listening to it, I found myself awakening inside the Lobby more times than not.

      This said, there are other ways. Right from convincing yourself when you sleep you shall dream of the Lobby. Or perhaps even using your own technique to attain lucidity, and then get to the Lobby afterwards. Either way, I find Lobbying to be a safe and simple way of saving worlds and relocating them. I hope if you have looked for a method of relocating same-dream-places, this may have given you some ideas, and if you can do any of this, I welcome you to chip in your ideas about transportation techniques. For example, I am currently working upon a way to access the Lobby again -- after leaving it. I figured you would need some kind of shape for the Lobby, perhaps with images all black or the faint outlines of the gateways lined up. I built the shape for return, and it does work, but it can take time to travel to, considering some of the worlds are massive, so I started working on a strap, worn on the wrist, with a miniaturized symbol or shape that represents the Lobby. This way I can travel back there at any time, but it is so far proving awkward.
      That is just one of many projects I am shuffling over in Dreamspace. But I won't bore you too greatly!

      Feel free to air your thoughts, anyway.
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      Excellent technique. I have done much of the same in my experiences. I have actually found smell to be the best incubator for entering my "hub" (or your lobby) on accident, but music is much more readily available and easy to have with you all day.


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