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    Thread: weird astrological movements.

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      weird astrological movements.

      Now people which are into astrology know that the final concious form of a society it is
      located into saturn,as the planet which corresponds to the paternal archetype of authority,which in turn corresponds to the structure of a society.

      Then in the outer octave transneptunians get in charge.Uranus which represent inner knowledge dissolves the structures made by saturn.Neptune gives the realization of the knowledge which got used by uranus and pluto then triggered by the two,pushes the collective into change and transformation.

      The interesting part starts with the facts.
      first the mutual reception of uranus in pisces and neptune in aquarius (exchange of rulers) the past years, gave very diffucult circumstances combined together with natural disasters.

      now it gets interesting.
      Normally a society progresses from the point of uranus,to neptune and then to pluto
      in order for society to add a tiny little piece of transcendence on her structure.And then somewhere into 2006 pluto literally pulled into his orbit neptune,which is translated As a necessity for radical change.
      On an easy translation pluto is showing a transformation which started happening,without the space for understanding,which can be a very confusing and dangerous state something that till today we're experiencing in many places in the world.

      Lets take pluto for a start.when we think pluto as a planet were thinking of a fruit like an peach with a diamond of fertile transformation.problem is that the fruit sometimes going to rot or damaged as the effort of the pluto is concentrated only in the purpose to uncover the seed as the true gold in a juicy maybe but disposable cover.

      So from 2008 pluto enters capricorn a sign of saturnial principle,which for mundane not natal astrology together with the 10th house,forms principles like conservation economy of nature and economics structure ect.Also the time of capricorn is about 6am and its so it is the coldest hour of the day which in pluto gives as from 2008 cold cold winters.
      and pluto in capricorn puts dynamite in the structure of a society where it is necessairy,passing it to the timeless,to make sure that humanity is going to reform a society based on an ethic motivated by instinct.

      But the most fascinating and crazy age is coming any how.
      a phenomenon which is called mutual reception in astrology occurs when two planets exchange natural rulers.

      Now what that reception means.
      pluto in reception with saturn is one of the most unpredictable phenomena.
      Last time that it happened caused the American revolution followed by the many others in many places.is a phenomena which the social political and culture forms are coming to question.Violently.

      At the 6 of october Saturn moves to scorpio and exchange rulers with pluto.
      normally transitions of heavy bodies,are happening in a bigger scale which means that
      events which work as trigger may start a bit earlier,so at 6 of october humanity is going to be already in it.

      So it happens like that.
      Some weeks before that date many Societies are going to experience The biggest propably political insolence and audacity which propably people never saw before.Combined with good angles in the Brilliant neptune to pisces gonna make a lot of people angry,as too much fraud and corruption on the expense of their lives, is going to be exposed.

      By the 6 october saturn is going to be at a full raging speed which going to give a start in serious natural disasters connected beetween water and earth and series of devastative events starting from:
      Riots,bandalisms,anarchy,paranoid situations,rollovers of authority figures and much much more.Infact it is the time that even the most solid empires are in danger of crumbling to pieces.It is not a time which is going to be followed necessairily by imperialim and warfare as the main problem is going to occur in the "heart" of many societies.
      the mundane event that takes place is going to last till the end of 2014.
      Followed by the event of 2006 is a time of situations pushed to the extreme which is gonna be very interesting.
      And is going to be very interesting because the result of all this is going to be literally the best or the worst.
      And my hope is that a golden century is going to follow after that.
      We shall see.

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      Go on.
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      Well if you read about the american revolution it was one of the most bloodthirsty revolts.
      This type of reception is going to happen it is certain.Already you can realize with a bit attention vibrations of suppresion that humanity is causing to herself.
      You are going to see goverments fall,followed by other goverments which are going to fall again.Terrorist activities (true ones not premade,and a lot of fake illustrated ones) groups of people claiming authority,increased danger by midnight till morning,countries gonna close borders and ect.right know saturn is on exaltation in libra and from june stops retrograde course which is going to be a last movement of balance on justice and law system and in turng is going to give some direction to the years that are going to follow.
      Problem is that phenomena is different of the last,part of this is the phenomenon of 2006 part of it is a brilliant neptune.
      So it is really difficult to say the "bomb" which is ready to explode,is going to leave after that.
      But be certain that when that period is over,vast changes are going to come.Now i can't be certain for what is to follow.
      If you have any other question let me know.
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