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    Thread: buddhist and tibetan monk meditation and OBE techniques

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      buddhist and tibetan monk meditation and OBE techniques

      these guys seem to have this stuff down, so i want to try and learn there way.
      but it seems to be pretty secret, i dont understand why though. they seem like good people who want to spread peace and they would want more people to be doing this stuff, so why hide it?
      can someone recomend me a book or some other way of learning some of this stuff?
      or is it all secret

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      They're actually not secretive about it at all -- they just have a difficult time finding words to describe a complex transcendental process that takes a lifetime to understand and master (with an excellent chance of failing at both).

      A good starting point I think would be reading The TibetanYogas of Dream and Sleep, by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche -- it has its flaws, but it does a nice job describing this stuff. Another good introductory book might be The Third Eye, by Lobsang Rampa.

      ... And of course there is a ton of info available on the web ... there are no secrets anymore!
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      I would just start with vipassana meditation. It's the kind of meditation that was taught by the Shakyamuni Buddha and acts as a good foundation for pretty much everything else.
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