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    Thread: tulpas

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      hello my good friends its been awhile since i been here idk like for 2 years around that time i found out about tulpas beings in your head on a chat i got curious and decided to make one then that made into two X3 my tulpas names Are Yaya and Arora
      Arora is a angel vampire and yaya a cat girl with the power of fthe moon i made them in a couple of months i have head pressure from time to time tho which is a good thing

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      Welcome back!

      This forum might interest you
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      You have to face lucid dreams as cooking:
      Stick it in the microwave and hope for the best?
      MMR (Mental Map Recall)- A whole new way of Recalling and Journaling your dreams
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      tulpas tulpas tulpas! they are total bullshit except not

      it works like Matilda, and moving the jar with your eyes, because if you devote a large amount of mental energy to something then it's going to take on an existence in one way or another.

      think about i dunno, traumatic events. PTSD, for example. for the sufferer, large amounts of mental energy had to be devoted to a situation that was stressful, and cannot be easily reclaimed to devote to other things afterward. hence, the reality of the war zone still lives largely as a reality for them.

      at this point it becomes confusing to ask whether they have any true existence due to our own solipistic natures. one two three four. we cannot verify another reality
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      How are we not a forklift? All that contraction and elongation to raise and lower objects...

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