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    Thread: Strange vibrations

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      Lightbulb Strange vibrations

      Hi everyone,
      I just landed around here, so bear with me .
      First of all, sorry if this is the wrong forum area, for this post.
      So, last week, I read about third eye and kundalini, dangers, pros and cons. I decided to try and open my third eye. I have tried a lot of methods but however, none did work. Three days ago, I started some kind of deep breath meditation (Diaphragmatic breathing) and I immediately felt how relaxing it is. After a few hours, I went to sleep, normally, but it was a little bit difficult. At about 1 AM, I started to get some vibration right on the third eye area. I was kind of amazed, happy, because I've been trying to open my third eye for some time. The vibration passed after 30-40 minutes, as it got weaker and weaker. Next night, same story. I have an alert on my watch, it beeps at every sharp hour. So, it beeps and a few seconds after, I can feel the vibrations again. Last night, same story.
      I really do not understand what these are. I do not get any other symptoms, like purple light, flashes, etc. I have tried meditating, tuning in, yet nothing special happens.
      Something important to mention is that my diet is now a little bit different. I am trying to avoid flour and excessive calcium and I am eating some foods thats are known to help decalcify the pineal gland ( lemons, garlic, berries).
      I tought that this is related to the pineal gland/third eye, but it is weird. Why do I get this only at night? Why that particular point? Why does it last so little and why are there no other symptoms.
      From a medical point of view, everything is okay.
      Any help is apreciated; Thank you

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      I think that trying to open your third eye is like trying to give birth after 3 months of gestation. By far the best-case scenario is that you'll fail completely.

      I think that when its ready, and you need it for the kind of thinking you do, it will open by itself.
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