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      Makani's Workbook

      Makani's Intro to LD Workbook
      + + +
      "I can't.
      That is what people love to say.
      I can't.
      It's never true."

      - Das Energi (Paul Williams)

      Reality Checks:
      - Wearing a Simple White Sundress
      - Wearing Blue Mist
      - Being barefoot
      - Icy cold cheekbones (feeling the bones)
      - Looking in a mirror
      - Having different kind of Hair (color, style, length, texture, etc.)
      - Being someone else
      - Being non-human

      These current reality checks are mostly for fun, it's more or less easy for me to realize when I am dreaming and to start '*recording*' it for recall sake - and sometimes to make conscious decisions within the dream/exploration. It's usually very obvious to me if I am in 'current reality' or elsewhere.

      Dream Signs:
      -Antique Clocks
      -Having broken teeth (or teeth that fall out due to something)
      -Being able to see around walls, doors, hear other people's thoughts.
      -Standing/Walking/Running on Railings/Thin Wires
      -Flying between destinations
      -Traveling through Portal Halls
      -My Temple &such (:I astral, yo. I gots a home, mmk. Don't visit...)
      -Old friends/family members
      -My perception is Above Me, instead of In Me (that's kind of an RC too) like a camera.
      -Being able to switch bodies/vessels/minds of people
      -Vampires, derp. Nasty energetic parasites that try and bother/eat me from time to time.
      -Changing clothing by mental will
      -Transforming body - I do this fairly often, I'm not always in human - or recognizable - form.
      -My back has wings - legs and/or I have multiple arms.
      -Sometimes, I'm just a dang orb.
      -Deities/Archetypes being about.
      -Various 'Astral' Locations that I visit - which remain more or less the same, with inhabitants. I usually recognize these places, more or less.
      -Being on a mountain. Tending to rocks and stone stuff.

      Short-Term Goals:
      -Quicken ability to write out longer dreams. (figure out a shorthand, maybe a cipher too)
      -Explore pre-determined locations in LD (Maybe I'll visit the Academy Castle).
      -Build vocabulary.
      -Dream Journal as often as possible to track as many dreams as possible (...lol, maybe not the best idea? but maybe for the next week then.)

      Long-Term Goals:
      -Increase my knowledge of LD and the processes others have built around it.
      -Build on my current understanding.
      -Improve my control and abilities... I would like to build will, be able to command recall of more details and dream sequences, expand my Memory card to store more dreams, improve my web of connectivity between dreams to build significance around this part of my life.

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:
      -Most recent: Yesterday (Feb. 8th, 2014). Had a series of powerful LD through half-awake/half-asleep brain state, that I realized I was looking at something even though my eyes were closed in a dark room. The more I focused on the something, the more I was 'pulled in' to a woman's body and also staring at what originally started as a faint outline of a forest, ended up being an antique clock with a forest background. She was very drunk and I was very disoriented, but still conscious that my actual body was back home asleep. I/we stood up and stumbled out to the hallway, where I looked to see what I expected to be the room in my current house, but instead, I saw an empty room with a green carpet - something I've never seen before in my life. I continued to explore the house, dazed until I reached a mirror and we looked at our face. It was morphing and changing, our features were battling over one another and I found myself explaining to the woman's consciousness how it was a battle of egos - which face we would perceive. She was very different looking than I and older, and I could tell she was frightened, but did not know how to handle what was going on. After exploring a bit more (the house was very empty), I returned to my 'bedroom' simply to turn over and take a moment to realize that I was in LD. I found it easy to slip back into the next one (which I described in my Introduction) and the following LD sequences, ranging about 6, though I can recall around 4-5 and then fell into a much too deep sleep to recall the others.

      -I have LDs naturally occurring fairly frequently, but I cannot entirely control induction(?) of them. They come and go as they please, and I simply cope with them the best I can. Sometimes, I'll try for an LD on my own - there have been successful times and there have been not so successful times.

      -Most of my LDs are actually excruciatingly mundane from my viewpoint. Sometimes, they seem to last entire lifetimes. My Astral Travels/Dreams are much more exciting. My subconscious dreams are much less so. I've also had Past Recall/LD-types, they are usually very emotionally charged.

      Current Technique:
      -Hmm... I don't know yet? At least, not which one I want to consciously work on. I think I have undergone most techniques already without deciding to. So far, MILD hasn't worked very well as I either will or won't have a LD, it doesn't make a difference if I tell myself things while I'm falling asleep (so far). I think WILD would be interesting, but I still have more to read.
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      Welcome Makani! You sure do have some cool dream signs.

      WILD might actually be a good one for you, based on the dream you just posted in your lucid history section. Most of my WILDs start out where I can see my room through closed eyelids, as if I had opened them. This actually led to a ton of FAs before I figured out how to turn it into a transition for a lucid dream. But we'll see what you think after you read some more. Let me know if you have any questions along the way in the Q&A Thread.

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      Thanks Ophelia!

      Perhaps, I've tried WILD consciously a little bit before and what mostly happens is I fall into a deep sleep and can't recall most of my dreams at all. Same with MILD. So far, if I focus too much while falling asleep, my chance of recall is minimized than if I allow for natural occurrence of dreams.

      My guess is that I don't relax enough while consciously trying to bring WILD about and thus am forcing it past the point where it'll be successful in my brain waves/state/whatev. That seems to happen in Past Recall Trances as well, for the aggressive 'I Want To Look' becomes greater than the passive act of looking and it muddles the attempt.

      I did WILD last night, and the night before, and my dreams went down in frequency and lucidity - which is alright with me for now since I've been having compacted, overwhelming amounts of dreams and don't mind a break. I'm still reading through information.

      Dream Snippet ---
      Feb. 10. Non-Lucid. Robotic/Subconscious dream. Bed around 5:00 am.

      This dream was hectic and packed full of information/details/happenings. I recall I was in a group of about four and we were doing ... something. There was a van at the end of a massive, sloped hill that was paved with a narrow road surrounded by trees. Inside the van, there was a couple with a woman who was in labor. She was giving birth. Closing the van up, I forget why, but there was some communication and we had to hide something.

      So, they drove the van further up to nearly the top of the hill. However, this wasn't going to work because the hill was so steep that the van instantly started rolling backwards. I noticed this and fearing for the couple inside, I went around to the back and held the van to stabilize and slowly guide it back down to the flat part of the road as it rolled backwards down the hill. There was at least two-three miles of hill to go down.

      By the time we got to the bottom, the woman had given a very messy birth inside and the couple was happy, though they wanted nothing to do with me at all. So, I continued on through a city/town/residential area to a house where I recognized a lot of people, though I could remember no names. In this house, there was a wide layout to the architecture, everything had two or three steps between rooms (so the hallways were elevated) and there was the constant sound of steam on stones. A lot of dogs lived here, running about, and I recognized a few of them as my old (passed away) pets. They were muddy, and the owner of the house didn't want them in there, but she couldn't shoo them away because she was blind and they were too fast to be rid of.

      The couple in the van followed to the house, and for some reason, they had decided to produce another baby and left the other one in the car to do so. When I went to check, the baby was alive in my mind, but visually, I was looking at a baby doll in the car seat. I still made sure it was okay by seeing if it was resting in a good spot, before the dogs began to bother me a lot so I went to go see what they wanted.

      I followed them around for a while... and I can't recall everything here because it happened very fast with layers of people talking at me and me having to do motor skill things. I ended up working with lumbar, building something that I forget what, and the owner of the house with her older daughter who also lived there, mentioned that they had found someone's sex toys and had put them up on the mantle if they were anyone's. I was angered by this, since of course, they were mine and promptly went over and retrieved them from a shelf mantle that was filled with lost and found items. One of my past pets accompanied me between rooms as I was trying to organize things... and a bit more happens, but that is where my detailed memory ends.

      Side Notes: My mother contacted me yesterday to tell me that I had been in her dreams. This synchronized with the same time I was having my powerful LDs, but at the time that I couldn't recall the last few because I was in such a deep rest state. I met her in a house with light green carpet and talked to her about something very important, about my grandmother. This isn't the first time I've made a presence in my mother's dreams while coinciding with a strong LD on my side and then hear about it later.

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