Reality Checks:

Dream Signs:

Short-Term Goals:
- lucid dream 1-2 times a week
- Increase daily awarness
- Remain lucid for 5 mins

Long-Term Goals:
- have multiple lucid dreams a week
- learn to successfully WILD
- Communicate with my sub-con

Lucid/Dream Recall History:
- I have had two DILD's, they both involved a school. In one i was at my new school and someone i disliked happened to be in one of my classes which i knew wasnt possible there was just no way it was real, to confirm this i punched a random person and they went flying then i decided to jump up and fly in the sky. Next thing i knew my friends voice popped into my head and reminded me what he does when he becomes lucid. Needless to say i couldnt find any girls around ( duh i was miles in the air) and ended up waking up from excitment.

The next DILD i was pushing a big concret block through my school and then through a glass area and it for some reason clicked that there was no way i would normally be doing this so i turned and started walking to come face to face with this demon disgused as a grandma and it just shouted at me in demonic. I literally havent felt frightened in so long so i just stood there dumbfounded ready to move on and then i had awoken, guess i got to excited again.

Current Technique:
- RC's
- WILD (trying to learn)