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      Starhood's Workbook

      Hi! I'm Starhood, a student from The Netherlands and I'm on here to improve my LDs and to keep myself motivated!

      Lesson I
      3. Record the times that you naturally go to bed and wake-up, and list it in your workbook.
      Normally I go to bed at 01:00 AM and wake up around 08:00-08:30, but because of my gained interest in lucid dreaming I'm now going to bed at midnight.

      4. Do reality checks whenever you experience something weird throughout the day, and list it in your workbook.
      So last night I dreamed of playing poker with C. Ronaldo (famous soccer player) and I feel so stupid that I didn't ask myself the question if, maaaaaybe, I was dreaming...
      I have set goals to do specific reality checks per day of the week and I want to try to do a RC every time I walk through a doorway/entrance.

      5. Write a list for why you want to lucid dream (for motivation), and plan out what you want to do in your next lucid dream.
      Endless possibilities!
      My first dozen of lucid dreams I just want to have fun and play with my dreams.
      Later I want to search for dreamguides and try to make a better person of myself with the help of lucid dreaming.

      Reality Checks:
      -Looking at hands
      -"How did I get here?"
      -Trying to push finger through other palm

      Dream Signs:
      -Mobile phone falling in water
      -Me crashing the car of my dad

      Short-Term Goals:
      -Having a lucid dream in the next week
      -Being more aware during the day
      -Following one of these lessons per day

      Long-Term Goals:
      -Having tons of LDs
      -Gain knowledge from my subconsciousness
      -Being aware

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:

      Current Technique:
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      Lesson 2:

      Personal notes:
      SAT = Sporadic Awareness Technique
      -Observe the space around you on random times.
      -Digital clock RC
      -When reading a book RC
      -Going in/out of bed nose-plug RC
      -Except something to happen (a relative to walk in for example)
      -Breath heath, Changing focus of eyes RCs

      When doing RC's, stop with what your doing, to create awareness on the forefront of your mind. Act skeptical "am I just ignoring everything around me, I could be dreaming". Try to be aware for 2 minutes.

      All Day Awareness, A DILD Tutorial by KingYoshi
      Being completely aware of the surroundings.
      Notice everything for 5 or 10minutes a couple times during the day, and performing RC in these too.
      When not remembering dreams, write down "Couldn't remember any dreams", to train the mind to WANT to write something down.

      Naiya's DILD & WILD Secrets
      When going to bed:
      -Clear mind,do autosuggestion like "i WILL have a lucid dream tonight!"
      -One WBTB per sleepcycle

      Think of a LD you want to have tonight, visualize it in detail.

      -Listen to white noise; trying to alter it constantly

      WBTB Tutorial
      Note the times I wake up during the night on a notepad.

      I'll focus more on being aware when awake to improve my chance on a DILD.
      I'll focus on WBTB.
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