This is the workbook of one WittyName (gosh that's an awfully clever pseudonym)

Here I'll be posting all my LDing related learning, goals and experiences.

Upon creating this workbook I've already been brushing up and "Lurking" as the site so voyeuristically likes to put it for about a week. In this time I've injected my day to day life with the starter techniques found on the site. And because of such I've had one Lucid Dream! Woo!

Ok it may have lasted like 3 seconds but hey, a win's a win. I shall regale myself and any "Lurkers" (I've got my eye on you!) with the tale. It unfolds thusly:

Ahead of me is the most vivid and lushly green expanse of field I have ever seen. In the middle distance a huge roman stone viaduct dominates the view. It's beautiful. I decide to look around me. I notice row upon row of Roman Empirical soldier in full battle gear or "dressed up to the nines" as I so eloquently put in my DJ. At this point I got the fledgling idea that something may not be quite right. This prompted me to look at myself. Low and behold I'm dressed in the same fashion. Leather skirt-y thing (There's a technical and precise term for the history books if ever I heard one) and sword included.

At this point I decide to carry out the reality check I'd been doing for the past week or so. I didn't even get to count my fingers though because just looking at my hands I discovered they were matte black and brittle. I remember thinking that my hands were graphite. I basically had two huge pencils for appendiges. At this point I became fully lucid. And was awash with euphoria. What a feeling.

At this point I proceeded to get so hyped I couldn't control my dream. I exited the dream. It could have even been a false awakening, I'll be doing RC's every time I wake up now just to check, apparently a very good way to get lucid from a FA.

Don't know if anyone but me will read this. But if you did I hope you enjoyed it.