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      Hi, I'm Dutch. I've always been into messing with my own mind, notable things are hypnosis, NLP, transactional analysis and tulpas. The last of those is the one I have spent most of my time on, so I'm rather convinced the imaginary people I talk to are real people. My goal in lucid dreaming is being able to interact with my tulpas "physically", within the dream world, and it'll be interesting to see how realistic I can make things. Lucid dreaming is also close to a technique in the tulpa community called switching, where you forego control of your body and are in a lucid dreaming-like state where you can imagine whatever you like, while your tulpa controls your body. That's advanced stuff, but I hope LDing can bring me closer to that. I'd be happy to explain my insanity to people more if asked, so ask away if you want to hear.

      When it comes to a history of lucid dreaming, I have had one random one a few months ago, which only lasted for a few moments because I got overly excited, but since then my interest has grown, and now I'll make work of this actively. For now, I've been practicing the constant awareness technique and DILD, and it's made life a bit more fun, and I can't wait for actual results in LDing. I'm confident that I'll get there soon enough, and I guess I'll become active on here once I get a better feel for the place. Do tell me what places and threads are generally interesting.

      Reality Checks:
      -Observing hands, feeling them, staring at them and trying to notice if anything is wrong.
      -Looking at text, seeing if anything is off, reading things twice and considering the context.
      -Looking at things around me, sensations on my body, sounds and smells, trying to think if anything is out of place.
      All of the above as often as I remember them.

      Dream Signs:
      My dreams tend to be all over the place, so I'm afraid I don't have many constants I could mention right now.

      Short-Term Goals:
      A first proper lucid dream, and creating a lifestyle for myself where I can consistently lucid dream.

      Long-Term Goals:
      I want to be able to switch, achieving a day dreaming state while an imaginary person controls my body.

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:
      One random LD. My dream recall tends to be decent, and I spend the early moments of my mornings talking about my dreams to my tulpas. I should really start writing things down instead, I'll begin a dream journal. A doc on my computer would be easiest, but I might do it here if people care.

      Current Technique:
      DILD + all day awareness.

      Anything else I should mention?

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      I started a dream journal on here. The first entry makes little sense but was pretty funny to me, and it might be good for myself to browse through it later. I've been thinking of a memory regularly to involve it in MILD if I choose to do it, but for now I have mostly been busy doing all day awareness and reality checks on my hands.

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