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      HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      i am a newbee and i have some questions to be anwsered.
      1>is it better or worse to listen to music before you go to sleep?
      2>some times i see flashing lights when im going to sleep, do i focus on them?
      3>how many hours of sleep should i get for the best results?
      4>should i eat alot before i go to bed?
      5>do you know anything else that would help me?


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      I'm not always right when anwsering questions, but here we go:

      1) Er, it dosen't really matter. It might help you sleep, it might get on your nerves. Usually I prefer to just listen to the hum of my computer.

      2) I think that might be something to do with WILD? I'm not sure. You might want to read this page. What you might be experiencing there is something called hypnagogic imagery.

      3) I'd say do your normal amount.

      4) I eat alot before I go to bed (and I don't put on weight, thank god). If you find eating disturbs your sleep, you might not want to eat before sleep. If you are like me, and it dosen't disturb you, you might as well eat. It's unlikely that eating/not eating will change your sleep patterns and stuff.

      5) Read alot about dreaming. The more you know, the better really. You might want to start here.

      Oh, and welcome.

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      1. To sort of second what Kaniaz said, we don't really know whether music/white noise affects dreaming or not. Most of us (I think) go to bed with at least white noise in the background, i.e. a fan, the hum of a computer, my lizard's water bowl (it makes bubbles )

      2. Again, I second what Kaniaz said.

      3. I've read that humans are supposed to get at least six to eight hours of sleep, although I know people who get less and others who get more. Personally, I usually get about eight hours of sleep and that works for me. I would experiment and see what works best for you.

      4. Kaniaz, you stink! I gain weight just by looking at food before I go to bed. I do notice, however, that if I go to sleep with a comfortable stomache (satiated to full), I tend to fall asleep and dream a lot faster than if I go to bed hungry. Some people experience nightmares if they eat sweets right before they go to sleep (my sister is one of these). I don't know the reason for this, but again it's different for everyone.

      Welcome to the board and I hope your questions find answers.

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      Well, I can't add anything to all this good advice


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