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      Finally some company

      Hey all, I am new to the forums and have been having lucid dreams for as long as I can remember. I thought it was perfectly normal, until I tried to explain my dreams to my friends and family only to find out that they have rarely experienced a LD, if at all. Still, the concept of controlling my dreams once I am lucid is fairly new to me. After being introduced to The Waking Mind by my sister several months back, I immediately took interest in lucid dreaming. I have been doing research on the net for some time now -- not only on lucid dreaming -- but other mysteries of the mind such as the rare savant syndrome. I found that DV is extremely concise in describing the LD phenomena and that is why you will find me here now. Glad to be aboard and I can't wait to expand my mind throught interaction with others who share the same gift as me.

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      Hey I think I already welcomed you...but I'll do it again. ^_^ Welcome we are happy to have you here!!!

      Also, I'm not really familiar with savant syndrome...I could look it up...unless you wouldn't mind explaining it to me.

      Anyways...take a look through the site and read through as much as you can. The tutorials, check out the adoptions forum, read through the attaining lucidity...etc. Just try to become oriented with everything. And after 2 weeks you can pick a suitable adopter for yourself and PM them.

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      Welcome, Rollin!

      Well, like nina said, check out the Tutorials, Adoptions, and Attaining Lucidity for some starters...then eventually at least skim them all.

      Nina, the Savant Syndrome is a form of autism in which the person is a prodigy in one particular area, while lacking in others; hence the term, "idiot savant".
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