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      Different nightmares with same recurring person

      I really hope someone can help me understand a bit more about my nightmares as I think that it is starting to drive me a bit insane...
      For the past few weeks I have been having different nightmares. Allthough they are different, they always have the same person in them, namely my best friend (girl).
      For instance, last night I actually had 4 different nightmares all involving her as well.
      I do love her, but as a dear friend, nothing more nothing less. So it definitely is not repressed feelings or anything of sorts.
      In my nightmares I usually play the role of the "protector" and I usually do not make it out alive while she makes it out in one piece (Well, i dont think I make it out alive because every time just before I bite the bullet I would wake up). I think what is bothering me is that I can remember everything, all the feelings, the emotions etc.
      Any clarity or advice would really be appreciated.

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      Well the best dream interpreter is the dreamer. Since none of us know you personally or this girl, it's gonna be harder. Just ask yourself what you think it means, maybe it means nothing more than that you care for her and don't want her to hurt.
      From my rotting body,
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