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      Hey guys & girls

      Hey guys & girls,

      Just thought i'd do a intro post.
      been lucid dreaming for a while now on and off.. happens irregularly so frustrating but over the past 2-3 months been really serious about it and into it getting alot more success. been reading the hell outta dreamviews over the past 2 weeks at work haha.
      thought i might aswell join.. so interested how it works and everything..

      anywayssssssss !! all the best dreamin peepz.

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      Welcome to Dreamviews!

      Glad you decided to really get into it. What technique are you using? How is your recall?

      Anyway, best of luck to you! Hopefully you can start having regular Lucids :O!

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      Hey Mancon

      i've been trying all different techniques really, wbtb mostly though, usually just have sleep for 5 hours wake up have some apple juice a vitab6 tablet, maybe a mugwort tea, and rolled up smoke of callea or mugwort.
      pretty sure i was startin a deild last night but yeah ended up having a massive sleep don't really remember waking up properly.
      My recall is on and off, i can remember the first dream i had which was about 5-10 minutes long last night and then i can't remember anything else after i woke from that and went back to sleep trying a deild. but yeah usually its pretty good, i get 1/3 page in minimum, somedays get a whole page.
      Haven't had a lucid for 2 weeks i think

      Yeah im really hoping for regulars!!!!

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