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    Thread: Long time lucid dreamer looking for support and Hello

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      Long time lucid dreamer looking for support and Hello

      Hello everybody!

      Maybe a request for support sounds a bit negative, but this is by no means my intention.

      So I've had lucid dreams for all of my life. Funny thing is that at some point I even tried to learn lucid dreaming, imagining it to be a more magical experience than the scary, realer than life dreams I have always had.
      Right now, I have accepted that apparently I experience my dreams different than most people do.
      Sometimes they are very tiresome, something they help me and sometimes they make me cry. But the one thing that makes my intense dreams very worthwhile is when I get visited by my loved ones, that are sadly no longer with me in daily life. Their comfort and love have helped to be powerful an decisive when I wasn't.

      I'm very interested in finding other people that may have similar experiences, and how they paste this into their lives.
      So I'll be doing a lot of reading here

      Thank you for reading!

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      Welcome to DreamViews Mama!

      Lucid dreaming can be a vehicle for many things, from exploring fantasies, to learning more about yourself, or like you said, getting the chance to reconnect with those you have lost. I really fall more into the first category, as the only lost one I have ever dreamed about was a cat . But I'm sure if you read around you'll find those who have had similar experiences as yourself.

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