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      Question New to lucid dreaming, please help!

      I'm a complete newbie to lucid dreaming. My first one was completely spontaneous and I've tried using WILD (a technique that's easiest for me) but I can't seem to focus on keeping my mind awake when my body falls asleep. Any tips on how to do this.

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      Hey, I am fairly new. The thing about this site is trying to get people to actually interact with newbies. So I figured since we are both newbies to the site..Ill interact with you! I had issues with that as well.. the most important thing is to not try to lucid dream. I know it is fascinating, but the mind is a complex thing. It knows what you are trying to achieve, so laying there, even if your body has not moved, if you are waiting around for a glorious feeling..it will not occur. My best/favorite LD experiences have been unwarranted. Now that you know/accept that feeling you will be better prepared for it when it happens. More importantly...do not go to bed just because you want to LD..it normally wont happen if you are new to the game. As I go through more experiances, I can now manipulate how I fall asleep.
      -Hope this is of some kind of help, I am no expert!
      Dream On
      (P.S avoid caffeine,substances, medications, screens, phones..etc before you attempt to go to sleep..attempt it when you are as sleepy as possible. naps during the day work best for me)
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