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    Thread: Hello everyone :)

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      Hello everyone :)

      Hi there! I've known about Lucid Dream ever since 2011 but never gave it my full effort. I always did try as a casual thing tho, and for some odd reason recently I've been having much success and having lucid dreams considerably. In fact, I just woke up from one of those, haha. So I thought, why not? I've decided to actually give it a try, dedicated myself, so I'm joining this forum, which I've knew about from back when I first discovered it as well and I thought it was a rather nice and informative place. Hope this is the beggining of a really fun and long ride, see y'all around!

      (And I don't know if this is the place for this but:

      I'm still reading the forums, I'm familiar with the basics but I do intend to give an all around read again. I've been out of the game for a while.
      My main problem is as I said I become Lucid rather often, but even tho I do manage to become lucid I always wake up too fast. :/
      RCs are what I use most and it's natural for me at this point, and I have a DJ as well but I do not use it often tbh... Of course now I intend to change that. Frankly I think knowning that I'm dreaming is kinda easy at this point and I imagine it will be even more as I go further, but as I said my main problem is not waking up. Does anyone have a recommendandion on where exactly I shoud start/work on?)

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      Welcome to DV's, Unity!

      Many, if not most, LD's tend to occur when a dreamer is very close to waking, so there is a chance that you were "due" to wake up anyway, or at least that, since your consciousness was so close to waking, a wake-up was triggered by the presence of your waking-life consciousness in the scheme of things. In a sense, a wake-up during a LD is very often inevitable... but not necessarily unavoidable:

      There are three plans that come to mind for staying with your dream during a wake-up event:

      The first is to learn to recognize that you are beginning to wake up, to simply understand that your body is going through the motions of waking up, and to use that understanding -- that it's your body, and not your lucidity, causing you to awaken -- to relax and let the process occur, but with the intention firmly set that you will stay asleep and in the dream; I've found that this interest in staying asleep is often enough to help your body to move past the waking-up process and back to sleeping... in a sense, you are reprogramming your sleep cycle on the fly to postpone a micro-awakening (or final awakening, for that matter) a bit, so that your REM period -- and your dream -- might continue longer. This plan requires a fairly strong mindset, but with practice it should become second nature (I personally don't even give it a thought anymore as I'm working through the process).

      The second is to allow the wake-up to occur and return to your dream with a DEILD, which is also a plan that I've found has worked very well for me.

      A third -- which might really be an extension of the first -- would be to simply go about your business. For instance, if you are flying about and feel yourself waking up, calmly ignore the sensation of waking and keep on flying.

      There are probably other things you can do, but I think that many of the prolonging exercises (spinning, hand-rubbing, etc) tend to accelerate the wake-up process, should you already be in it.

      Anyway, that's what I have at a glance; good luck with it, and we'll see you around the forums!.
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      Thank you for the welcome and for the help! I'll be sure to keep all mentioned in mind, I'm nearly positive that if I put effort into it eventually I'll be able to turn into second nature as well, much like I did with RC. Here's hoping! lol

      I only managed to have 1 lucid dream since my first post but then I woke up immediatly, even faster than usual actually. lol Hopefully I can slowly change this from now on. ;D (Oh and apologies for the late response, I could only really log in now)


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