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      Hello. I'll a short history about why i'm here. In advance, i never read any tutorial about how to have lucid dreams before.

      Since last week i've been having lots of lucid dreams, where i can manipulate everything, create or destroy, do anything i want. But last night's gave me some chills. Here's how it went

      I was in a car with a strange dude driving, suddenly the streets were flooding due a tsunami, i was desperate, started to run, try to find someplace to stay safe, but i noticed it was a dream (already had a similar and froze the tsunami before), and i just made it disappear. After that i was like: "cool, another lucid dream, let's start to create/change things as i like". Suddenly some people showed up that i couldnt make them disappear or do anything to them, and they kept changing their appearance, then, in an instant, i was in a room with a pale oriental woman. She started to talk a little about lucid dreams, she was aware i was having one, told me she teaches how to have them and usually people look for her out of dream first, she also told me that that the hardest part of a dream is to remember new thing you learn when you wake up. After that she asked me to try and remember her name, as my 1st lesson. Dont remember exactly, i think it was kazin, kazeen, kaizen, kenzie... something like this. And the woman was above me putting several layers of eye contacts in my right eye, that was really weird.

      Afterwards she showed a room where there were lots of people sleeping, they were just floating, without any bed, according to her it was their conscious, she said that most of the conscious just rest while people are sleeping. In the next room i saw the first guy, the one who was driving the car in the beginning, he told me that they noticed someone new having conscious dreams and he was testing me to see if it was really me.

      that's the basic of it, i woke up really curious and wanting to know if any of this add up or it is just delusions... hehe


      forgot to ask some questions:

      - Is there such a thing of interact with others in a dream?
      - Is there a common ground/place for it? Or it's always in someone's dream?
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