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    Thread: Hello Dreamers

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      Hello Dreamers

      Hey everyone,

      I'm fairly new to lucid dreaming and found this forum some days ago. This community looks very fun and I look forward to learn new things, share experiences and have fun with with you guys! Right now my lucid dream count is on 3, but they all where not very vivid and I woke up almost instant. I really hope that I can learn how to controll my dreams and how to stabalize them.

      The technique i'm practicing right now is WILD, but I'm still having a little bit of hard time with that. I've finally my timing right, because now i wake up in REM. The problem is that I'm to sleepy and fall asleep instant when I hit my alarm. I don't think about sitting up and meditate or whatever. But I just keep on practicing and I believe I will succeed eventually.

      I hope everybody has a nice day!

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      Welcome to the forum!!
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      Hey, welcome phpgod, and best of luck to you in your lucid dreaming pursuits! I also have an LD count of three currently.

      I hope you have a good day as well.
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      Dreams are real while they last. Can we say more of life? - Havelock Ellis

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