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    Thread: Hey dreamers!

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      Hey dreamers!

      Hi everyone! My name is Marius. I know about lucid dreaming since I was teenager, but never practiced consistently, had about 7-10 LD in the past. A month ago I randomly saw some videos about LD. And after few days I woke up after a very vivid dream and that moment I had to choose to write it down (to start my dream journal) or go back to sleep . I knew that I’ll forget it in the morning because my dream recall is super bad. So after a minute of thinking I grabbed my phone and typed it. And that’s basically how I came back to the practice.

      So now I am dedicated to the practice and want to have LDs on regular basis. In the first 2 1/2 weeks I got lucid in the 4 dreams for very short time. But now I haven’t got one for more than two weeks, so I got a bit frustrated. I hope I reach to the point where I can have 2 or more per week.

      My main goals in LD is to interact with subconscious mind, look for creativity and also have fun.

      Ps. (I just now figured out that I have DV account for 3 years, but never used till now haha)
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      Hey mariukkas, welcome to Dreamviews! Or welcome back, rather haha.

      It sounds like you're on a good track having had those LDs already. I'm sure you'll find the community and information here helpful.

      Daniel Love - The Lucid Guide and Beyond Lucid Dreaming both have great YouTube channels with good information on the subject.
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      Welcome back! Danial has some great information about Lucid Dreaming and dreaming in general on youtube. Keep on working on it. There was a live stream that he did this month past month. I recommend that you start at the first live stream and skip anything. Also, he has some new techniques that you could try.
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