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    Thread: Hello There Friends

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      Smile Hello There Friends

      Hey there, nice to be here. Just wanted to say hi and glad to be here. I've been pretty inconsistently practicing lucid dreaming for years now and I figured, what with the social distancing, that it was time I finally took the plunge and really started talking to other people about it, getting insights, and maybe reaching a point where I can really enjoy lucid dreaming. So to that end, I've got a new dream journal that I've been writing it, and I'm on this forum to maybe talk with all of you and maybe get some insight on how to start remember my dreams more vividly and dream more lucidly.

      Looking forward to meeting y'all.
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      Hey there and welcome to Dreamviews, onthedreamboat! Best of luck to you on your lucid dreaming journey. Talking with other lucid dreamers can be helpful. That's great you got a dream journal. Writing down all you can recall about your dreams each morning will help with your dream recall.
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      Hello!! Welcome to the forum!!
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