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      Started this year with a pretty interesting track of dreams each and every night. While it is nice to to keep a journal or memories, figured I am not alone interested in dreams and it would be interesting to join a community on the matter. Upon a quick Google search, I found this amazing website. Reddit, Quora or any thread in any other forum doesn't even come close to what you all have achieved here, when it comes to everything dreams related. So far, I made a few posts and one talented member shared some of his original work, which I find fascinating.

      I am a 28 year old guy, living in Denmark. In free time, if not daydreaming, I think a lot - you would find me wandering in my own mind constantly. I am interested in psychology, self-development, human nature. I like to do photography. You can check some of my work on my (still being built) website:
      www photoshot dk

      When it comes to dreams, I am fascinated by them. Mostly, when I go to sleep, I wish to experience a fascinating story. In my dreams, I tend to realize I am dreaming, and thus, gain a certain level of control. At the very least, I am very often perceiving dream as both a clueless character and the ever-knowing observer, thinking and analyzing what is happening in real time. I don't think I achieve full lucidity, I always feel like I could do more.

      I hope to learn more about dreams, to discover new possibilities based on your experiences. I hope to share some of my dreams, likely in the form of Dream Journal here. I see they don't get many replies, but hey, you never know. And I have a personal mission. To find out, how dreams can help to heal a fractured mind. Or to change a person. I have a problem of daydreaming. I believe I have answers as to why. Now, I want to find out what can I do with it.

      So, yeah. Happy to have found you all and happy dreaming!

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