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      hello lucid dreamers

      hi, this is the first time ive ever visited this site.

      i have to say, i found it funny that there is a website for something like this, let alone a name for it!-- "lucid dreaming". i guess i've never believed that my dreams are real, so this doesnt seem like anything unusual.

      i have a question... if you are fully aware that a dream isn't real - what is the advantage to controlling it? I did it once, just to see if i could and even woke myself up, but after that, thought why go to all that effort when you can just sleep through it? Most of the reasons given on the 'why have lucid dreams' page dont make sense if you dont believe that the dream is real! the only one that works for me is so that you arent scared by dreams- im more scared of real life!
      For me, being more conscious while asleep is more annoying that useful! i often dream about being unable to move my eyelids, and once was completely awake, but was unable to move anything for about 10 seconds, until i managed to think myself out of it. okay, ten secs doesnt sound like much, but it is when you cant move!

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      It may not be real but it is one of the closest things to actully living out the thing! Like name one way you can fly without assistance (Airplane, helicopter, ect.) The lucid dreams are like....a virtual reality that you can control anything. You know VR isn't real, but it is fun. And LD is cheaper than VR..xD

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      for some dreams are in your head. in that vase they're just a form of entertainment or self-discovery. but there's another theory about the astral plane and how the dream world is an actual place... it all depends on what theory you subscribe to.
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