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      Hello All! caution - long post!

      hi, 2 years ago i would have been ignorant like many and called you all crazy and or liars but the past couple of years my sleep behaviour has been eratic and now find it very easy to believe in others weird and wonderful experiences.

      it all started when i was housesitting for a relative and i woke up paralysed. at first i thought it was paranormal but found it was pretty common after a search on the net. i'm now finding it happens every other night.

      recently however, while in SP, i heard footsteps and rattling of drawers in the kitchen when i knew there was no one in the house. after regaining control of my body i got out of bed and noticed it was 0535am i then investigated the house and found nothing only to see the postman and my neighbour coming to my door and delivering a leaflet (bear in mind the time) i then switched the tv on and the time on sky news was 0830, next thing i know i'm in bed, checked my phone and the time read 0620 after which i got up and went straight to work (1st time i've ever been early!) cos' i was so freaked out! everything was so real i even remember what the leaflet the postman sent said!

      is this a lucid dream? something similar happened yesterday and i've noticed this only happens when my fiance isn't there and because of this i get very frightened. i would love to be able to relax then perhaps i could control whats happening in these dream states.

      in another note my fiance informs me that i sexually assault her during the night . something which i have no recollection of most of the time, other times i wake up whilst doing it. i know this sounds funny but i'm worried it could turn into violence.

      thanks for listening and sorry about the really long 1st post, just have to get it off my chest and feel i can't talk to anyone about it face to face

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      Welcome to dreamviews

      I don't believe you were lucid yet, you need to know you are dreaming. When this happens to you next, just know its not real and you can't be injured. If you wanted this to happen so you could have an easy lucid dream, you could just sleep alone. Good luck.


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      Quote Originally Posted by gm23 View Post
      is this a lucid dream?
      Gidday gm23 and a big Welcome to Dreamviews.

      Does not sound like a LD but you have to judge. To be lucid you have to be fully conscious of the fact that you are dreaming like switching channels on the TV, one moment you are dreaming, next, your mind is fully conscious and you realise you are having a dream. Click, back to the dream.

      Dont know your age but it sounds like the hormones are working hard during your sleep when your fiancee is with you and is probably dream induced. It should not get violent but you should talk to her about it and get her to wake you up when it starts. (maybe that will induce her to indulge in some hanky panky to subdue the hormones )

      If you want to LD, you will need to start a dream journal to improve your dream recall AND do regular, frequent reality checks, at least every half hour, to make it a habit so that you will eventually start doing them during a dream and this will make you lucid.
      Dont "try" to LD yet. Get stuck into the RCs and journal for a couple of weeks and a LD should come to you.
      We can guarantee that the experience of having a LD is well worth any effort you make so get determined and committed.

      Best wishes and again, Welcome.
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