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    Thread: Moderate LD?

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      Moderate LD?

      Hello I'm new to this idea, however I've figured alot of things out on my own before i found this website.

      I have been able to tell if things were a dream many times however I have also figured out in some of them(very few) they are full dreams and manged to still stay asleep. most of the time however I am able to figure out if it is a dream. I pinch myself and ask myself is this a dream in my dreams. only to get the responds yes this is a dream however right after that i am forced to change it to no this is a not dream and wake up in the dream but am still dreaming.
      I still get some dreams I can't control however.

      Could someone explain why my dreams are like this?
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      Your post is slightly confusing, tell me if I got something wrong.

      Sometimes, you are able to become completely lucid. However, most of the time, you "wake up" into a different dream, instead of remaining in the lucid one. Is that right?

      That's perfectly normal, especially when you're first starting out. The waking up into another dream is called false awakenings, and those are common even for experienced lucid dreamers. The fact that you can sometimes get real lucid dreams means that you're doing well - just keep practicing!


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