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      Silent paralysis.

      I had a dream where I'm on a rollercoaster. I can actually feel my body shaking, though I'm told in real life I wasn't moving at all. As the coaster goes into a drop, I hear peopel screaming and the screaming continues until it reaches the highest pitch and continues. That all I can hear and I realize that I'm actually awake. I can't harldy move and I'm not breathing. I can't open my eyes or speak and it takes a while for me to be able to move. I awake with a twitch-like jerking motion and try to catch my breath.

      This has a happened a few times, all the but first exluding the rollercoaster.
      I find that I can only move a few inches which is enough space for me to be able to lightly poke someone into bothering me, helping me out of it.

      I also noticed that it only happens when there is complete silence. My sister and mother have similar dreams, though my sister hears drums and my mother hears nothing at all. She sees a floating eye.

      I need to figure this out because it happened in school during a test and I felt it coming on so I had to stand up so I wouldn't fall into it and I got in trouble with the test proctor...

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      Hi! Welcome to DreamViews. This is the bit of the forum where you introduce yourself. If you have a dream for interpretation, there's a forum for that. There are places for discussion of dream symbols, how to control dreams, etc.

      More people who might have experienced this are likely to be hanging around in sleep and health, if you would like to re-post it.

      My advice, however, is the same as usual. If you are worried enough to ask for stranger's advice, go see a doctor. Exercise more and eat healthilly.

      Anyway, nice to meet you. I'm kind of a newbie too. Good luck to you.
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