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      Strange thing in dream/failed WILD experience

      Hi all,

      I started recording my dreams last night and was able to remember 4 of them! Was pretty happy about that.

      I woke up this morning to write down briefly my dreams and thought "I read about this WILD thing last night, I guess I can try that now". So I laid on my stomach and made myself comfortable and started focusing on my breathing. It was very strange to notice how your breathing goes from really deep to very shallow while your body relaxes. The problem is I think is that, even though I tried to focus on breathing all the time, invariably I would conjure up things in my head and go with it until I realised "I should be focusing on breathing" and did that, until the next thing came. Eventually I thought I was thinking way too much to be able to do this, so just gave up and went to sleep normally.

      In my dream I remember meeting this really hot chick and asking her for her phone number. I kept on thinking to myself "this is only a dream, I will try and remember this phone number and call it in real life, how freaky would it be if she actually picked up"... but I never "woke up" in the dream even though I kinda knew I was dreaming. Does this happen often? Is there anything I can do?


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      rofl i remember in a dream once i went on holiday met this sexy chick and asked her for her email but i forgot the email when i woke up


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