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    Thread: I've lost it!

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      I've lost it!


      I first tried to lucid dream quite a few months ago after reading various articles online. On the night I first attempted it I had been reading about lucid dreaming for hours and managed to achieve partial lucidity when I first dropped off (after SP). I later successfully achieved it through WBTB. I was really chuffed with myself.

      A couple of days later I achieved lucidity again, this time I managed to control my experiences and keep the dream going as long as I wanted to. I followed this up with frequent dreams over the next month or two.

      However, I now cannot achieve lucidity. I haven't been able to for about a month and a half now.

      Could anybody give me any tips as to what I can do? I managed to avoid the whole dream journal thing because I'm normally pretty in-touch with my mind. Do you think this would still help me? Do other people experience the same peaks and troughs as me?

      Any help would be gratefully received.

      Thanks, and sorry for the long, rambling post!

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      Sounds like you are in a dry spell. This is really normal.

      I suggest starting a DJ. Not only will it help you remember your dreams better, but it will also help your waking mind (lucid mind) become familiar with the thoughts, senstations, sights, etc of dreams. That will help you be better prepared for lucidity. Start doing RCs again (if you've stopped).

      If you are stressed out and/or not sleeping well, get both of those under control.

      Go back over your favoirite LD techniques. Read about LDing to get excited about it again.

      If none of this works, try taking a break. Still keep a DJ, but stop the rest of it. Often this will cause LDs again.
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