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      A couple of questions :]

      I'm new here just found it today, nice forums :]

      1. In a short dream I had last night, I met an old man who was really nice, and then when he died I cried and cried, then when I woke up I was actually crying, but when I was awake I didn't feel upset at all or anything; is this normal?

      2. Last night aswell (I wake up alot after each dream) I had a dream which I didn't remember, anyway I wasn't in SP or anything, and my eye lids were really heavy and I extremely tired, anyway I hallucinate that a hedgehog from the sonic games was flying around my room. (the red one) is it normal to hallucinate when not in SP?

      3. I try the WBTB method every Weekend or whenever I get chance and usually I have one lucid dream atleast, but this morning I tried it and I had a dream about a ghost in my room ( I'm not scared of ghosts or anything ) and it went into my chair and made it into a snake sort of shape then I was like duh i'm dreaming and jumped on it but when i was on it the detail was so real and i could feel the fabric of the chair on feet. Then I thought " oh shit this is real".
      I would never have thought it was real if i was actually awake ( if that makes sense so why do i beleive it in dreams? is it because are brains are less active?

      4. Usually whenever I become lucid I do what I want to do for about 30 seconds having fun but keeping calm, the dream doesnt fade or anything but I just wake up. Is there a reason for this?

      5. Also my dreams always seem to have like plots always Like a man who lives in a hotel whos want to make people wrinkly in waterparks. Or a toddler who wants to be a fish lol, because some of my friends are just like slop and just random things happen...
      are anyone elses dreams like mine?
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      1. Waking up crying from an upsetting dream is normal. It is also fairly normal to not feel upset by what happened in a dream once you are awake.

      2. I bet that you didn't feel SP because you were actually asleep and dreaming. This is called a FA (false awakening). That is why you could move but were still hallucinating.

      3. This is classic! So funny! During dreams the logical part of the brain isn't working as well as it does when awake. That is why it is easy to accept crazy stuff in dreams as completely believeable.

      4. It is possible that you become lucid early in the night when the REM dream cycle is really short. Or that you become lucid near the end of your dreams. It could also be that you need to gain some experience. Or you could really be having false awakenings, rather than really waking up. A FA is when you dream about waking up.

      5. Most of my dreams have plots, even if they are weird and not very logical.
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      I often get upset during and after my dreams, too. I think it is very common. I once dreamed I accidently killed a cat and it bothered me for days!

      The worst is when you dream someone you know has done something terrible to you or hurt your feelings and you actually wake up angry with them or not wanting to be around them. You feel bad because you know they have'nt really done anything wrong and it does'nt make any logical sense to be upset with them but you can't help it.
      Meanwhile, the poor other person has no idea what they did!

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      1) Emotions are thrown way out of control in dreams and are far more powerful than normal life.

      2) It could have been a false awakening, however on occasions you can hallucinate while awake, happened to me once when I saw an elephant balloon floating around my room. Your dreaming brain is still turned on and your waking mind is turned on so they get overlayed on each other.

      3) Normal, when something like that happens do another reality check, one that is fairly reliable. There is a tutorial with common reality checks in the tutorials database.

      4) I too think that you are experiencing false awakenings, do a reality check.

      5) Plots usually come from movies, books, or TV shows. They are usually multiple things mixed together so sometimes they don't make sense in the least. Imagine a movie that was a combination of The Notebook, Friday the 13th, and Garfield. Your dreaming brain could do it.


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