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      Lucid...I think

      Hello. I have been searching through this site for about a week so I am new. I kept trying WILD's and all sorts of other techniques without WBTB with no success. Then finally I tried it, and I think it worked.
      It all seemed kind of vague, probably because i need to work on my recall. I was sitting in my bedroom, really doing nothing. Then the next second I was in the office. And then the living room with no recall of ever walking there. I thought to myself "Wait a minute. How am i moving without any memory of it. Then just as fast as the realization came i woke up. This for me is where it gets iffy about whether or not i was still Lucid. I woke up in my bed. I looked at my alarm clock which let me say is digital, and is portrayed with light on the cieling(where i read it) and it said a really weird number. It looked like a backwards 7 and 12. But when I looked back it said 4(roughly about an hour before i wake up). So i'm confused on whether i had a False Awakening.

      Please let me know your opinion.

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      Yes, that was a False awakening, I hate them too. It sounds like you were doing a reality check when you were reading the clock, which would probably mean you were lucid, if only for a split second.

      Anyways, congrats on being lucid! Try to be calmer when you realize you're dreaming next time.

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