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    Thread: It felt real...

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      It felt real...

      The most vivid dream I have ever had was when I laid down to go to sleep out of sheer boredom and slept for 40 minutes, give or take. I thinkit might of been my first lucid.

      In my dream I woke in a military medical squad bay, I would explain the whole dream that lasted no more then 10 minutes but its quiet lengthy due to the fact I remember it as if it was real. It seemed so real that there was no doubt in my mind it wasn't. So real that the thought, no, more like a demand was thought and spoken by myself."this has to be a dream, this cannot be real." I literally thought Something had happened to me and perhaps I didn't remember what. My jaw hurt, an intense pain that felt as real as ever.

      In my dream I walked back over and sat back down on the bed I "woke" From. I shut my eyes tight from the pain in my jaw and layed back down on my bed and the last thing I remembered besides the pain was,"I have to be dreaming, this cant be happening to me" And I was jarred from my sleep and sat up quickly. I woke from the same position I layed down in in my sleep.

      Im in the Marine Corps so it made the dream seem that much more real. My question is, is this a common thing and would that be considered lucid? I noticed I was able to recall dreams better when I wasn't tired and only had 30-60 minutes of sleep.

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      Sounds to me like you had a lucid dream... congrats

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      Hey Widdles Remember, if you had a dream and you KNEW it was just a dream, that would make it a lucid dream. Simply the knowledge that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. A lot of people learn to lucid dream in a similar manner, where they are experiencing nightmares and say "No, this has to be a dream! Oh... oh wait, this IS a dream!"

      You said you had no doubt in your mind that it was real, but then that you were telling yourself it must be a dream. Unfortunately, you're the only one who experienced it so you're the one that must make the executive decision on whether it ACTUALLY was a lucid dream, or if it was just a regular dream but you were questioning it and on the verge of lucidity. Even if not, that's pretty close to a lucid dream and with some more practice I think you could be getting more of them pretty soon


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