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    Thread: delayed recall?

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      delayed recall?

      Hi everyone - I've only been thinking about and working @ LDing for about 2 weeks, and I'm encouraged by my early progress (dream recall is way up, I've a "lucid moment" or two, though nothing major yet). But one thing I've noticed, that seems kind of odd, is I sometimes recall dreams a while after waking up, when it seems like at that point any dreams i didn't recall would be gone for good. J
      ust this morning, I woke up, lay still and tried to remember what I had dreamed about. nothing came. I dismissed it as a disappointing "nothing to report" night. Then about 10 minutes later, in the shower, I remembered a few small things, which I wrote down when I got out. Then about 4 or 5 HOURS later when I was at work, this whole, vivid, story-like sequence that I'd had just shot into my mind out of nowhere, and I was able to remember it all like it just happened.

      So my questions are: does this happen to anyone else? and is this a good or bad sign for further developing my recall? I mean, should I just be glad that I'm remembering at all, even if it's a bit late, or should I be doing something to encourage recall to happen faster?

      this is my first post, and though it doesn't really relate I want to toss one of these on here:

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      Oh yea, I've remembered dreams from the night before more than halfway through the day.

      I'm not a regular LD'er though either so I dunno if this is a bad thing or not. I would assume it's better than nothing though.

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      That used to happen to me all the time. But not since I really started working on my dream recall or keeping a regular journal. Now I usually remember them right off the bat or not at all. Not that I know what this means, thought. I would not be worried about it at all.

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      Hi! Welcome to dream views I've been Lucid Dreaming for years, and my Dream Recall can work like this from time to time. Some days your mind is just going to be greedy, and not give your dreams up until later in the day. I wouldn't worry about it. If anything, it means you have great dream retention, but just need to move it to when you wake up Just keep with your dream journal and writing down anything you can recall when you recall it. Your progressing well though
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      Yup, this happens a lot to me and from what I've read seems fairly typical for people when they've forgotten dreams when they first wake up. It's why we always advice people to write down every little scrap of a dream they CAN remember... you never know when you're going to have a flashback later in the day and get another piece of the big old dream puzzle


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