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      Word World

      In this document I will outline a deathly virus I theorise exists, called word. It's an abstruse subject, but beyond it's harsh nature is a beautiful philosophy.

      The principle of this theory is that words are a virus; that's not to say words cannot be beautiful or coherent, that's saying there is greater beauty and greater coherence beyond them.

      For over two-thousand years we have used word-technology, and word-technology has led to other technologies. Word helps us to sustain ourselves and our civilization, but simultaneously, there is disaster.

      At one point, I hypothesize that the world was free of words; that even humans were wordless, and during this time, the word-virus was invented. In the end, the last of the wordless humans became infected, and the word-akin, and it's benefactors, dominated the world.

      A problem with the word-virus is that it's educated to babies. These babies do not have a choice, and do not know any better. I hypothesize that primitive humans were forced to word-technology by sheer numbers of the word-infected, numbers made up by neglected youth logic.

      Another, more technical problem is that forgetting words is an arduous task, especially without any knowledge of the wordless world. Our tongues were trained to talk by our infected families, and then our word-mammal potential was tempered in educational institutes.

      We are slaves by the word-virus, where no whips are needed, just the presence of negativity and word-world positivity.

      We metaphorically whip ourselves with the counter-argument to an argument we uphold; because of words, negativity is instilled in our brain. All worded-thought is an imaginary word-war. To think harder with words isn't intelligent, it's perseverance, to impress our slavers.

      The only free-will of the matter are the wordless aspects.

      The potential of a word-mammal, is to create and use technology.

      Technology can be helpful or harmful, On the one hand, we have created wind-turbines that can generate free energy, and on the other, we have nuclear missiles that can wipe out any landmass.

      Animals hunt, or consume resources; in a world where there are tensions between humans, their prey and their resources, there will be vigilance and there will be indiscretion. Humans will design, and deny the wind-turbine based on want, and design, and use nuclear missiles based on need.

      Harmful technology would spur, and so would helpful technology; this is an aspect of the deathly nature of words.

      Our sin advances as the word-technology advances, tensions between humans become more complex as time passes.

      The current Russian and Western tensions make it near impossible for peaceful resolutions by politic; where only a political winner can stop the impeding World War III. A side will criticize the other on history, behaviour, and more; targeting leaders and reputable people foremost, and neglecting the views of the general population.

      History spans for thousands of years, and accepted behaviour has changed over the course of history. An analysis of ancient history with modern behavioural philosophy, is sure to see primitive man as undesirable, and the same goes for certain conduct throughout the ages.

      As time passes, we neglect our history with word-technological advancement.

      Theoretically, our heads are stuck to the side of a cube, rather than our heads being central and our mind being balanced.

      I'm afraid I cannot explain what implications a wordless world would have on the mind, for I've never experienced it. I imagine it would be a more harmonious thought and emotion process.

      We are, at this moment in time, standing on the edge of extinction...

      What if I told you the life that you're living is an abstraction of what it once was? Would you believe me? Would you give it second thought?

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      Language is a quintessential part of our evolution and language itself has evolved and changed over the years, but there can be no word virus because language is just one of the ways in which we process information that we receive. It is not our thoughts, but our actions that are driving us to extinction.
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