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      Thibox master vs a nobody

      I was working as a bartender in a bar in australia. We had a secutity guy named Mikel who also is fighting in the Thibox world championship (or whatever term they use). He is a wonderful person with a good heart. I have never been in a fight in my entire life. A school brawl or 2 as a kid but nothing more.

      One day I asked him if we could have a spar sometime and he was realy keen on having me come over for a leson. I thought it would be cool to be able to say that I had been in the ring with a thibox champion! We set up a day for me to come over...

      He took out a video camera, set it up and told me I could have it all on tape. He showed me all the basic moves and blocks and after about 45min we had a slow practis spar. He came on me with an elbow straight to my face and I missed the block. It hit me straight on the nose and I went straight down, and then right back up! I was a little dazed over geting a elbow in my face but amazed that I was not hurt more then I was and was laughing at it. He told me I had taken the hit just right and gone with it instead of tensing. We played around some more and I was realy geting the hang of it. I was feeling like: "I know kungfu". But not in a ego speaking way. More in a boys playing a game way.

      Then there was something holding me back. I got all the basic moves but I just could not spar properly. Then I relised! I dont know the rules of this game! Teach me the rules!

      He told me all the simple rules and how the point system worked and I felt like a little kid who had just been intruduced to a new cool game by a friend.

      -I want to score points on you man! I said laughing and over joyed.

      Thats when it got "difrent". It was if it had gradualy built up to this point and I did not feel at all as someone who had never been in a fight vs a master of the art. I was playing thibox champion and so was my friend! It fealt like I was dreaming. We played around some more and I fealt like his equal, countering his moves and coming on with attacks in a very playfull way. No ego. Just all game. And I got it all on tape!

      I had taken a flight back to sydney and was staying with some friends to the family. I decided to show them my tape and have a look at it my self. Amazed at the experiance. All the training was there up till where I got the elbow in my face... The scene where I got the elbow, went down and then straight back up, was repeated sevral times and then just static. The part where I was "playing" around with him was gone!

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      That was the part where the back of your head hit them camera, and then the part where you were floating around in a coma for half an hour.

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      Thai boxing or thibox?? You got me confused.

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      Haha, sounds cool man! This year my flatmate and I used to always have little playfights, not anything technical like it sounds when you were doing it, but it was pretty fun! We would just pretend we knew martial arts and block and counter and eventually someone would hurt themselves (mostly on each other's watches, damn it can be painful!).
      We also had some wooden swords that we would have fights with too, which also mostly ended with someone getting hurt.......
      Thai boxing though!? That's pretty hard out. You should see the movie Ong Bak, I'm pretty sure that's what its all about. Crazily awesome movie too. The main actor has been described as the next Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan, so if you're into those types of movies I definately reccomend it!

      It's crap that you didn't catch any of the other stuff on tape though. Oh well, guess you'll just have to go learn it all again!

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