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      Mission Statement

      I had to write one of these for something. Here's mine. What would yours say?

      Mission Statement

      Help those that cannot help themselves; speak for those that cannot speak for themselves.

      Love those who seek my love as best I can.

      Consider several views or possibilities.

      Truly be as honest as possible.

      Hear both sides of the story.

      Live life with flavor.

      Never compromise who I am.

      Resist the urge to be average.

      Learn to lead myself.

      Explore and be awed.

      Make my work my passion.

      Stay committed to continuous education, both personal and professional.

      Keep myself free from addictive and destructive habits.

      Remember that the mountain looks unscalable from afar, but not when you are climbing it.

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      excellent mission statemen kichu...

      actually, i just wrote one in my journal the other day as i was evaluating my life.

      i live, so that one day, after the neccessary work, i will know one thing, and one thing only....(all that can ever be known):

      "I am not a hypocrite"

      for hypocrisy is the only character flaw.

      “If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” (or better yet: three...)
      George Bernard Shaw

      No theory, no ready-made system, no book that has ever been written will save the world. I cleave to no system. I am a true seeker. - Mikhail Bakunin

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      I will try my best at everything I do.

      those are good ones, kitchu and wombing.
      Shine on, you crazy diamond!

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      It would be easy to write a novel in answer to this question, but to do something concise is challenging! This would have been very different just a few years ago. My life has been difficult and bizarre, with tremendous burdens and many who dispise my wife's and my decision to shoulder them. It would be very easy to fall into desperation and depression, but we have chosen not to. With these challenges comes incredible richness.

      The following is a statement of how I have learned to approach life. Since adopting it, my blood pressure has fallen 20 points and I sleep like a baby - and even have a couple LDs each week!
      My mission is first to follow through on the responsibilities that have been laid upon me, as I believe God has chosen me in these matters.

      While meeting the challenges of my life, I wish to always remain focused on the joys of present circumstances. Difficulties need to be considered and addressed, but they do not own my consciousness and may be dismissed so long as there is no breach of responsibility.

      In all things, be honest, respectful and patient with others, seeking always to enhance relationships - which are the true treasure of this life.

      I will be beholden to nobody who demands a breach of any of these precepts.
      On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur, l'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.
      --Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

      The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.
      --Chinese Proverb

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