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      Hidden track on Tools 10,000 Days

      Hidden track on Tools 10,000 Days

      Take the tracks
      "Viginti Tres" and "Wings for Marie"
      Play them one after another
      Then, take the single "10,000 Days" and mix it over the top
      It all syncs up into a secret mega song

      Viginti Tres is latin for 23...the number for synchronicity

      here's an mp3 of it

      I didnt do the mixing.
      (\_ _/)

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      Re: Hidden track on Tools 10,000 Days

      You know, I was thinking, since Lateralus is one giant song fragmented, how could they up the ante for their next art piece? I was thinking along those lines. Either add one or more tracks together on top of each other, or take one or more tracks, and split them apart and re-distribute them. Might need to offset them, like two minutes of one song, then stack the next one on top.

      I would not be surprised if there are more secrets on the album. How do the times line up? That is, without all the blank sound at the end of each song. Also, what happened to first single they put out on myspace or something like that a whole long time ago? It was called The81stChakras.mp3. That might need to be mixed in somehow. I would not be surprised if two or three transformations were needed to construct another giant song (like Lateralus).

      Of course I also like to re-order Ænima by playing the odds first, then reversing the remaining evens:
      1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2. That way it ends on Eulogy.

      Just because, I also had a dream last night with Maynard talking about the album art, and there were two other ladies that followed. I remember the second of the two was talking about clothing, and had to show a model wearing the clothing because it was admittedly confusing. Just a bland neutral colored tan shirt, with a greenish stripe that goes diagonally across from hip to opposing shoulder.


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