Everyday for the last week in the run up to the european elections i've recieved this same piece of shit:

Asylum Is Making Britain Explode

Picture Of Iraqis Burning British Flag

TERRORIST TIME-BOMB: Asylum is allowing hundreds of 'asylum bombers' to plan their atrocities in Britain. The Madrid train bombings have been linked to Moroccan 'asylum seekers' in London. The Security Services warn there are at least 4,000 extremists in Britain who have trained at al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorist camps. Letting in even more is madness.

ASYLUM TIME BOMB: There are around 2 million illegal immigrants and 'asylum seekers' in Britain pushing our services, benifits system and NHS to bursting point. Thousands more are flooding in every week.

EU TIME BOMB: British membership of the european union has blown away our borders and control over our own legal system. Since May 1st, 75 million potential migrants from eastern europe can now walk into Britain and live here at our expense. 97% of all asylum applications are bogus yet the politicians do nothing to stop the flood and protect us.

FINANCIAL TIME-BOMB: Asylum is blowing a massive hole in our pockets. in 2003 asylum cost us 4 billion. this year the figure will cost us 5 billion. thats 5 billion of taxpayers money that is being stolen from our schools, hospitals, housing, public-transport and pensions.

HOUSING TIME-BOMB: Asylum is ripping apart our countryside. The government is already planning to build five giant new cities, each the size of birmingham over the next 30 years to house over 5 million new immigrants.





Make Britain SAFE
'S'top 'A'sylum 'F'or'E'ver

SAFE borders. The british national party will take back control of our borders and make britain safe again. Now more than ever we need strong secure borders that offer protection from terrorists criminal gangs and illegal immigrants. The BNP will take Britain out of the EU and reclaim our pollitical and econimic freedom. Its time to shut out the dangers of Euro Tyranny and asylum for good.

SAFE streets. The BNP will reclaim Britains Streets for the law abiding patriotic majority of this country. we have i fundimental right to feel safe and secure in our own streets and neighbourhoods without fear of intimidation or attack. The asylum flood has helped to make britain a batle ground for foreign conflicts. The BNP will put OUR human rights first for a change.

SAFE people. Stopping asylum and getting Britain out of the EU will save billions of pounds - allowing us to give British workers, farmers, fishermen and pensioners a fair deal. The BNP will restore the earnings link to pensions that the conservatives scrapped, as well as removing the power of councils to force our old folk to sell their homes in order to pay for nursing care. The NHS wil work again for the british. Finally our own people will have preference in schooling jobs and housing.

SAFE country, Political correctness has played a major part in creating the unprecedented danger that we now face in this country. for too long the politicians and the media have bent over backwards to attack and undermine Britains culture, heritage and values in the name of multi-culturism. They have condemmed the British people as racist while ignoring the fact that the majority of racist attacks are carried out against white people. it is this climate which has allowed asylum and anti-british extemism too thrive. Its time to re-assert English culture and british values in our country - starting by making St. Georges day a national holiday. The BNP says: Britain is OUR country. People can love it or LEAVE it.


---A picture of a family with the caption 'My Dad Isnt Racist!'

The BNP is Britains newest and fastest growing political party with elected councillors all over the country. A recent YouGov poll for the Mail on Sunday has estimated the current countrywide support for the BNP to be at 16% and growing.

The BNP speaks for the Patriotic Majority - The million of British people like us who have suffered years of betrayal and lies at the hands of the politicians - the failed parties of Lib-Lab-Con.

The BNP is the voice of democracy. On asylum and immigration, on crime, on europe, on the NHS, on the economy, the BNP is giving voice to the long suppressed wishes of the british people. Look at what happened in Holland when 18% of Dutch voters backed a party like the BNP.

The Dutch government acted - stopping immigration, deporting bogus refugees and islamic extremists and insisting that immigrants no longer get preferential treatment.

The BNP is not racist. Our argument is not with other people but with the politicians whose policies are destroying our country.

We respect the right of every cultural and national group in the world to preserve their unique identity and heritage.

Unlike the politicians, however, the BNP believes that we british should also have that right - the right to be ourselves in our own country living under our own laws and customs.

Is that really too much to ask?

A little info on the BNP, its leader Nick Griffen has done time for a number of crimes including incitement to racial hatred and racially agravated assault. Not only is the BNP racist it also sexist and affiliated with the the para-millitary organisation Combat 18. The BNP has been responsible for arson on several shops and homes, vandalism, assault and several riots in which many people have died. They spread propoganda in areas where racial tensions are high and activily encourage violence to ethnic groups.