While watching the news about D-Day last night I thought back about all the war stories I've been told. How honourable men and women died in the blood bath that was World War II. The words "nazi" and "German" kept surfacing as tales of the horrors done against our people poored out like a water fall of nightmares from the past.

The news with all of it's sly nationalist words seemed to forget, however, that no country has never commited a war crime, tortured or done experiments on a human being, sold nuclear technology, uranium and small arms around the world during to countries at war, only to increase the intencity of the conflict. Canada has done all this.

As the anniversary D-Day approaches, the western world is readying itself to remember sacrafices of the past. It's the least we could do for those who faught for us.

But they faught for a greater cause than arms dealing and political propaganda to be spread far and wide. They faught for peace.

So I'm asking you today to show us all something that your country has done. Why? To dishonour the governments of the world and show that the people that live under their reign won't forget what wrongs they've done. To show that the world won't forget that a human being diserves more than a Russian AK-47 and a war fed by the Canadian government.

Some might think that what I'm asking is to simply show some kind of hatred for the goverment. I'm not an anarchist. I'm asking you to do exactly what muslims did in Ottawa after September 11: condemn, in your own way, the wrongs that have been done in your name.

After all, theoretically speaking, the government is there for you and works for you. Although we know that in reality it's much different.

Now here's my story:
The Somalia Affair:
Canadian peacemakers were lauded as heroes when they went into an untamed land ruled by rebels. Their mission, Operation Deliverance, charged them with restoring order in Somalia. But in fact, the Canadian Airborne regiment was splitting apart at the seams, lacking both leadership and accountability. Murder after murder, the troops came home disgraced. Tracks were covered and responsibility shifted up and down the chain of command during an investigation that would dismantle the army and implicate the government in a high-level cover-up.
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