Hi. I know there are other threads but they seem to be dead. So here is a new one for my experiences and anyone else's with DreamLeaf.

Taken from my post on another DreamLeaf thread:

First DreamLeaf attempt:
Went to bed at 3 AM, needed to be up by 10, so slept 7 hours (highly likely to inhibit LD-ing)
RESULT: got vivid dreams and easy recall
I then skipped sleep the following night (spent all night working)

Second DreamLeaf attempt:
Went to bed normally, but was sleep deprived (after not sleeping the previous night)
RESULT: No memorable difference from normal dreams, headache, slight confusion after waking up to take the red pill. (Might be wise to avoid using Dream Leaf while sleep deprived)
I then skipped one or two days of DreamLeaf usage, because I didn't want to do it without sleeping right again

Third DreamLeaf attempt:
Went to bed at around 11, not sleep deprived, just a normal, long night's sleep
RESULT: vivd dreams, easy recall, one lucid dream after taking red pill

More attempts coming when I can get good sleep