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    Thread: ADHD medication

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      ADHD medication

      I have prescription Adderall for my ADHD, does it affect LD'ing, would it raise the risk of sleep paralysis

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      I take adderall as well. Honestly I think it destroys my recall to a certain degree, but I have also been prescribed Vyvanse and Focalin before and in both cases, after adjusting to the medication, I remembered my dreams just about as often as I otherwise normally would. Adderall just affects me differently, and you may find it doesn't have that affect on you. In any case, I'm curious about why you ask about sleep paralysis/REM Atonia (what SP is when you aren't suffering from the condition SP technically describes, which pretty much entails having uncontrollable bouts of SP at least once a week on a fairly regular basis... which isn't normal). Are you scared of finding yourself in it? I personally find SP/REM Atonia an excellent opportunity to get lucid. As long as you develop a technique for entering a dream during this state, it can be quite valuable to find yourself paralyzed (although reaching REM Atonia isn't something necessarily to shoot for as a necessary part of getting, in this case, a WILD).

      To actually answer your question, I've rarely ever experienced REM Atonia while taking Adderall. Granted, a majority of the ~40 times I've been in the state, I induced it one way or another, or I woke up into it from a dream (usually a lucid one, which allows me to chain dream using DEILD). I stopped actively LDing a long time ago, but before I got on adderall again, I would occasionally find myself in REM Atonia again, more often accident rather than induced these most recent times. On adderall, I feel like I am more attached to my body than usual, so in situations I'd probably otherwise wind up in REM Atonia, I don't. That's just my personal experience, but hopefully you find some comfort in it (although the idea that REM Atonia or SP is always scary isn't true, I've literally only had one scare me and it was because it sounded and felt like a train was about to run through the wall next to me and it was so sudden--I've had other experiences that might seem scary upon reading an experience report, but since I knew what was going on and actually am really interested in the state, it was just cool instead).

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