I made some new breakthroughs on my halovision device!

For those not in the loop, I have been working on detecting rapid-eye-movement patterns using a night-vision camera that flashes LEDs or plays an audio track to either alert you of your state in the dreamworld, or to wake you up so you can dive back in with consciousness (DEILD and WILD assistance).

The code now runs on a device the size of a matchbox; no screen only a night-vision camera, infrared LEDs and a processor powerful enough to run the latest machine vision algorithms at a decent rate.

It also records short GIFs along with BMP stills to a SD card and triggers bright LEDs when eye-movement patterns are detected after a long enough still phase. The device is powered by a micro-USB cable which can also be use to access the data on the device and it can run multiple nights on a power bank.

Here you can see the what the algorithm now looks like, from my latest post on LSDBase:

And here you can see the algorithm work its magic and flash over my dragonfly totem:

The image quality I am able to record on the device when it runs standalone isn't as HD as these "research" grade clips that I recorded whilst connected to my computer.